Annual report 2020-21 is the second annual report of institutional data on reports received through Report and Support (R+S) from the period of 25 Feb. 2020-24 Feb 2021. 

High-level summary: 
  •  Of a total of 335 reports (41 fewer than 2020), 47% reports were by staff, 25% by postgraduate students, 25% (up from 11% in 2020) by undergraduate students and 3% by third party staff.
  • 234 reports related to bullying, 155 related to harassment, 56 reports related to sexual misconduct, and fewer than 5 reports were about domestic abuse (new category introduced in Nov 2020).
  •  Bullying remains the key concern for staff, with 54% of all reports about bullying coming from staff.
  •  Sexual misconduct reporting is most significantly concentrated among undergraduate students, representing 55% of all sexual misconduct reports.
  •  All domestic abuse reports were from undergraduate students (< 5 in number).
  •  53% of reports were anonymous, and 47% of students and staff contacted an advisor (not anonymous). The percentage of anonymous reports decreased 12.4% from 65.4% in the 2020 report. The main reasons selected by reporters for reporting anonymously include: I’m worried about retaliation (17%); I have concerns it might affect my current / future career (16%); nothing would be done if I made a complaint (15%).
  • Worries about retaliation have increased by 8.1% from last year. Worries about career and nothing being done have remained consistent with last year’s figures. 

Read the full report for further details:
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